The Budget2020--Promoting EV in Hong Kong

The Financial Secretary, CHAN Mo-po, Paul said that the government will update the "Clean Air Blueprint", which will explore policies to further promote electric vehicles and formulate the first roadmap for the popularization of electric vehicles in Hong Kong.
The government will launch another $2 billion pilot program this year to subsidize the installation of infrastructure in the parking lots of eligible private residential buildings so that car owners can install chargers.
In addition, the government will allocate 80 million yuan to implement a pilot scheme for electric public light buses. The authorities are studying electric minibuses suitable for use in Hong Kong, as well as the technical requirements and specifications of related charging facilities, and will formulate guidelines for the adoption of green minibuses.
On the other hand, the government is preparing to launch a new plan in the second half of this year to phase out about 40,000 Euro IV diesel commercial vehicles, and has set aside 7.1 billion yuan to provide ex-gratia subsidies to affected car owners.
(Source: Government News Network)