Vertec Introduction

"FAW VERTEC" is 100% electric-supplied and "quiet enough, steady enough, enough power". It is different from diesel or hybrid trucks. Since pure electric trucks do not emit air pollutants caused by the burning of fossil fuels during its runnin, it is unnecessary to install exhaust hoses on trucks. VERTEC has zero roadside emissions, which are the real solution to curb roadside air pollution. The noise generated by the electric motor is lower than the engine, which greatly reduces the road noise problem. The residents is no longer affected by directly roadside exhaust and noise while going through the neighborhood, thereby, they possess fresher and quieter environment.

Drive Motor Model:  SJ 1000300A - 2103
[thPated Power 100
Continuous/Peak Power (kW) 100/200
Continuous/Peak Torque (N.m) 500/1000
Rated/Maximum Speed (rpm) 1910/5000
Max. Efficiency (%) <95
DC Bus Voltage (V dc) 576
Cooling Forced Liquid
Dimension (mm) Φ304 x L440
Weight (kg) 160