Hong-Kong-made pure electric hook truck (16 ton), for transport of recycling industry mainly

Manufacturers in foreign countries are produceing electric private cars actively. E Tech Dynamic Technology, as a leader in environmental protection, is catching up. With the support of the Innovation and Technology Foundation and corporate partners, E Tech Dynamic Technology, in collaboration with the Automotive Parts R&D Centre of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, has developed a pure electric hook truck (16 ton), which can carry construction waste, especially used as garbage trucks, compact cars etc., to provide zero-emission transportation solution for the recycling industry. We are now cooperating with Enviromental Protection Department and Waste Disposal Industry Assoication, for deploying and operating our 16-tons pure-electric hook truck into the New Territories West Landfill and urban area.


Battery Function
Battery energy:250.21kWh
Battery capacity:434.4Ah
Battery nominal voltage:576V
Lithium lon Battery from LG Chem(Model.LG E54)
BMS with 24hour monitoring function
Balancing technology
Natural cooling system
IP67 Enclosure:IP67