FAW VERTEC (5.5 Tonnes)

"FAW VERTEC" is 100% electric-supplied and "quiet enough, steady enough, enough power". It is different from diesel or hybrid trucks. Since pure electric trucks do not emit air pollutants caused by the burning of fossil fuels during its runnin, it is unnecessary to install exhaust hoses on trucks. VERTEC has zero roadside emissions, which are the real solution to curb roadside air pollution. The noise generated by the electric motor is lower than the engine, which greatly reduces the road noise problem. The residents is no longer affected by directly roadside exhaust and noise while going through the neighborhood, thereby, they possess fresher and quieter environment.

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Model Name FAW
G.V.W (kg ) 5,500
Axle Capacity Front (kg ) 1800
Rear (kg ) 1100
Dimensions Overall Length OAL(mm ) 5850
Overall Height OH(mm ) 2352
Cab Width CW (mm) 1528
Wheelbase WB (mm) 3300
Cab to Rear Axle CA (mm) 2781
Rear Overhang ROH (mm) 1400
Chassis Frame Height FH (mm) 593
Rear Axle Width RW (mm) 2008
Transmission Type Motor direct-drive
Rear Axle Gear Ratio 6.833
Brake System Service Brake Electric vacuum hydraulic assistant brake
Parking Brake Mechanical handbrake
Auxiliary Brake Braking energy recovery
Suspension Front Front suspension: axial leaf spring, tapered-section type, 3 layers
Rear Rear suspension: axial leaf spring, tapered-section type, 3 layers+4 layers auxiliary
Performance Max. Speed (km/h) 95
Grade ability at G.V.W (tan θ) 25%
Tire 215/85R16
Battery Capacity (kw.h) 90

Chassis parameter diagram

mm inch
Size OAL 5850 230.3
WB 3300 129.9
FOH 1150 45.3
ROH 1400 55.1
CE 4189 164.9
CA 2781 109.5
OW 1995 78.6
BW/RW 2008 79.1
CW 1528 60.2
OH Approx 2352 92.6
EH/FH Approx 593 23.3