About Us

The businesses of E.Tech Dynamic Technology Co., Ltd. are to promote the new energy industry, focusing on electric vehicles. We are dedicated to R&D, specification certification support, sales and promotion.

Our corporation was established in 2014 and has a long-term ambitious goal. We hope to tailor-make the required electric vehicles through market latitude and back-end demand. Considering the market demand, we will establish a large customer group, inciting the traditional automotive industry business model, and creating a new “Internet+” business system. In order to realize a new business model of information communication and cost reduction, and provide an affordable business model for the customer group. Our company signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" with China FAW Group Corporation to jointly develop and enhance pure electric trucks.

Based on the success of the 5.5 tons truck, E. Tech launch a project of developing a 16 tons pure-electric truck. This provides another choice for the logistics companies. Also, E. Tech cooperate with Xiamen Golden Dragon bus Co. Ltd to develop a 28 seats pure-electric bus and a 19 seats public-electric minibus. The desgin of these buses are based on the shuttle services between estates, hospitals to public transportation terminals. These achievements not only provide a list of environmental friendly choices for the transportation companies, but also help Hong Kong becoming a “Green” city.

Moreover, as we understand that Autonomous self-driving and robotics are the latest technology in the world. We are now cooperating with French Navya and Angatec for developing and deploying Autonomous self-driving vehicle and firefighting robots. 

The company plans to officially launch FAW VERTEC in 2018 to flourish zero-emission commercial vehicles to the Hong Kong market while taking the first step to make Hong Kong a smarter and more eco-friendly city.

E.Tech Dynamic Technology

  • 可持續發展
  • 網絡思維
    Internet +
  • 突破
  • 生產者責任
    Producer Responsibility
  • 創新
  • 技術整合
    Technical Integration
  • 環境保護
    Environmental Conservation
  • 捍衛成本
    Cost Saving