FAW JK6(16 Tonnes)

Hong-Kong-made pure electric hook truck (16 ton), for transport of recycling industry mainly

Manufacturers in foreign countries are produceing electric private cars actively. E Tech Dynamic Technology, as a leader in environmental protection, is catching up. With the support of the Innovation and Technology Foundation and corporate partners, E Tech Dynamic Technology, in collaboration with the Automotive Parts R&D Centre of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, has developed a pure electric hook truck (16 ton), which can carry construction waste, especially used as garbage trucks, compact cars etc., to provide zero-emission transportation solution for the recycling industry. We are now cooperating with Enviromental Protection Department and Waste Disposal Industry Assoication, for deploying and operating our 16-tons pure-electric hook truck into the New Territories West Landfill and urban area.

JK6 16 tons hook truck for Enviromental Protection Department (EPD)

JK6 16 tons hook truck for Waste Disposal Industry Assoication

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Battery Function
Battery energy:246.67kWh
Battery capacity:456Ah
Battery nominal voltage:540.96V
Lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4)
BMS with 24hour monitoring function
Battery installed at the both side on the vehicle bottom
Liquid cooling system
IP protection level: IP67